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Bowman 2

A sequel to Bowman, is a game aimed at improving your archery skills. Bowman 2 is as thrilling as it is challenging. Just get the bow and arrow and start shooting at opponents. The goal of Bowman 2 is to shoot at opponents or targets. The more accurately you shoot these the more points you gather and the higher you advance in the game. Use the mouse to control the direction your arrow moves. Press and hold the mouse button then drag the cursor to control how far your arrow moves and with what strength it does so. In total there are three levels of the game each with progressive difficulty. This means that the first is simpler than the second which is simpler than the third.
The first level is called the practice mode. In this, the player gets to learn how to play the game Bowman 2 and can perfect their archery skills before getting into actual play. In this level you get to learn how to aim and shoot accurately. Once you master this necessary skill, you move on to advanced stage. Here, you play against the computer. You will be tasked with using your acquired skills to play against and defeat a computerized opponent. If you win and feel confident about your skills you can move on to the next level. This is the player vs human mode. Here, you will play against yourself taking part as two archers. You will be shooting from one side and from the opposite. The winning side is the one with the most perfect shots. Bird hunting is a mini game that has been incorporated in Bowman 2. In this game you are tasked with shooting at flying birds rather than wooden targets. The catch here is that the arrows come right back and you should be careful that they do not kill you on the way down.

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